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Samson Betawi (1975)


Samson was born after 13 months in his mother’s womb (Mak Wok). Before birth, he predicted Mas Sastro (Eddy Gombloh) that the son of Mr. Hamid (A. Hamid Arief) would have great strength and if his armpits were shaved, his strength would be lost. Pak Hamid was made a lot of headache because of Samson’s behavior after birth. He often fights, so the opposing parents often ask for compensation from Mr. Hamid. Finally Hamid’s family fell into poverty until finally, 17 years later Samson was determined to go to the city to look for work. In the city he meets Siti Duile (Yatni Ardi) accidentally who is almost hit by a car. Samson helped Duile and them get acquainted. Secretly Sutan Malenggang Di Langit (Mansyur Syah), a promoter, also saw the incident, and finally invited Samson to partner in a show that featured Samson as a strongman and wrestling match.

Duration: Min


Release Date: 1975-09-17